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 Basic Self Maintenance Tips

 Changing Spark Plugs  

 Checking Fluids 

 Changing Wiper Blades

  Changing Bulbs 

 Checking Wheel Alignment

  Battery Maintenance

 Checking Seat Belts

 Maintaining The Radiator

Be Safe

If doing any car repairs yourself, make sure you take all of the necessary safety precautions.It is a good idea to disconnect the battery before working on or around any electrical parts. If you fail to do this, you may get an electrical shock. If you are unsure about which parts of the car can give you a shock, disconnect the battery just to be safe.


If you have your car for more than a few years, you will likely need to know how to do some of these things if you want to do car maintenance yourself. Having some knowledge about the up-keep of different car parts can make some parts of the car last longer so that you will not have to fix them as often, thus saving you money, maintaining your car and keeping it running at its optimum performance is the best way to avoid larger problems in the future. Be sure to read your owner’s manual so you know how to properly maintain the parts of your car and when you should perform the required procedures to keep it running smooth. For more info on a few of these things click on the pictures above.


Rotate the tyres every time you get an oil change. Driving patterns and road conditions that you drive regularly will put more pressure on some tyres. Rarely do tyres wear evenly. Keep the tyres filled with the proper air pressure. This will save you money on fuel.


Before trying to fix any car problem by yourself, the most important thing to consider is the complexity of the problem. Changing a tyre on a car is no problem. However, trying to replace a minor part on an engine might be much more difficult. Try to determine how much knowledge you have before you begin the project. If you are inexperienced when it comes to fixing cars, be sure to only handle the simple problems and let the professionals take care of the rest. Go to your local library. They often have car repair manuals for a wide variety of makes and models. Go online and see if there are any websites that have information about the particular repair. Read the instructions carefully, too. Make sure you are comfortable with each step before beginning the repair rather than being unable to perform a particular step.

Take it for a Test Drive

After finishing your repairs, take your car for a test drive on roads that are not busy. Drive slow at first and speed up as you continue to drive. This will help you ensure that the car is running properly before you actually drive it normally with traffic.

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