Changing a headlight

Collbros, Headlight 1
Collbros, Headlight 2

Type of Bulb

The vehicle's owner manual should contain information regarding what types of headlamp bulbs are approved. If the manual is unavailable, drivers should consult the nearest auto store or look online.

Necessary Tools

The vehicle's manual should provide guidance as to what type of tools are needed, such as a slotted or Philips screwdriver. Also, be sure to have some protective rubber gloves to help prevent damage to the bulbs.

Changing the Bulb

To change the bulb, pop the hood and find the headlamp socket behind the bumper. To remove, twist the socket counterclockwise, and pull it out. The bulb is then removed from the socket and replaced. Replace the socket by placing it back where it came from and twisting clockwise. Exercise caution to ensure that you do not touch any part of the bulb's glass surface with bare skin as this may shorten it's life expectancy.

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