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Car Batteries 

Without a battery, the engine would not have the electrical power it needs to turn over. If you live in a place that gets bitterly cold during the winters, though, the battery can die because of the weather. You can combat this by doing several things. For one, make sure that the battery terminals are clean before the weather turns cold. Corrosion can build up on the terminals that can block electrical currents from flowing. Dip a wire brush in a mixture of water and baking soda and scrub the terminals until they are clean. Make sure the connections are tight to ensure that it gives power to the car.

Have your local Collbros mechanic perform a “load test” on your battery. This will tell you if your battery has enough power to withstand the frigid winter weather. If the battery fails the test, it will be safer to replace the battery rather than risk being stranded in the cold weather.

Look for the level of fluid in your battery. Newer batteries have an indicator light on them to tell you when it needs more water. If you have an older battery, however, you may need to remove the plastic cover to find out if the water is filled to the required level. If the water is low, add enough distilled water to bring it up to the line.

Finally, make sure the battery is situated in its compartment so that it will not vibrate. A battery that vibrates will not last as long and it could spill and cause damage to surrounding engine parts.

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